How To Correctly Layer Your Skincare Products

How To Correctly Layer Your Skincare Products


Take a look at your beauty cabinet, and chances are you have multiple products in your skincare repertoire ranging from serums to exfoliators. Sometimes this can get a little overwhelming, especially if you are unsure of what these products do and how to best layer them to maximize their benefits. That's where we come in, read on to find out all the details. 


Skin First.

Curating an effective skincare routine is all about choosing the right products for your skin type and applying them in the right order. You might have a general idea of your skin type but some products are meant to target specific concerns. Perhaps the change in season is making your skin more dry or oilier than usual. Or you might be experiencing a breakout due to hormonal changes and stress. Whatever your skin concerns are, the key is identifying what exactly your skin needs at the moment when choosing the right products to layer. 

Not sure what products you need in your clean beauty routine? Take our Skincare Quiz here and we’ll create a skincare regimen catered to you! 


Take it Easy. Layer from Lightest to Heaviest formulas.

Once you have your products on hand, work from the lightest to heaviest. Start by putting the thinnest, fastest-absorbing product on your face first and layer the next heaviest product over it, then the next, so the thickest formula ends on top. Don’t forget to finish off with SPF! 


    Why Does it Matter What Order I Apply My Skincare? 

    It is important to apply your skincare in the correct order to avoid these problems:

    1. Your products might not penetrate. Applying richer products, such as creams, first will form a barrier to your skin that prevents anything else from going through.
    2. Less effective. Products with active ingredients aren't meant to be combined. Doing so can deactivate them or cause an unwanted chemical reaction. Make sure to apply these products further away from each other in your routine. 
    3. You could harm your skin or create new skin issues. For example, layering a serum on top of an oil can leave your skin dry since not enough water is reaching your skin. If you are layering your sunscreen on top of your oils and serums this disturbs the coverage and diluting the protection. This leaves you more vulnerable to skin cancer and premature aging. If you're unsure if your products are water or oil based, you can always add sunscreen twice in your routine - once before oil-based products and once at the end of your routine.


    Apply Your Skin Care Lineup In This Order 

    Step 1: Cleanser
    Step 2: Toner/Essence
    Step 3: Exfoliator
    Step 4: Serums
    Step 5: Eye Cream
    Step 6: Moisturizer
    Step 7: Sunscreen