What Is Clean Beauty?

What Is Clean Beauty?


Green, natural, vegan, non-toxic and organic beauty are all terms commonly associated with clean beauty. But what do they all mean? What does clean beauty really mean? Over the last few years, these buzzwords have taken the beauty industry by storm and as there is no legal definition of what clean beauty is, it can be difficult to gain a real understanding but let's break it down.  


What Clean Beauty Means To Us

At Nou-rish, we define clean beauty as products that are free from toxins and harmful chemicals. Clean beauty includes products that are cruelty-free, kind to our environment, created using ethically sourced ingredients, sustainable packaging and are healthy for our bodies. 


The Definitions 

Cruelty-Free Beauty: Products that are free from any type of animal testing. We ensure that our carefully selected brand partners do not sell in mainland China, which requires animal testing. 

Clean Beauty: Although there is no official definition, clean beauty is generally defined as products that are made without toxic ingredients (both natural and synthetic) that are harmful to one’s health. 

Green Beauty: Green Beauty is an umbrella term used to describe products that are created using only natural and organic ingredients, they are also created using sustainable resources and are kind to the earth. 

Natural Beauty: Products using ingredients sourced only from nature, that have not been processed, are considered natural beauty products.

Non-toxic Beauty: Products that are free from ingredients that are questionable for your health.

Organic Beauty: Ingredients that were grown in their natural state without the use of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs), pesticides, synthetic fertilizers or radiation are considered Organic Beauty products. 

Vegan-Friendly Beauty: Products that are completely free from any animal-based ingredients, animal by-products or animal-derived ingredients.