Collection: Founder's Favourites

Meet Po. Her passion for non-toxic and sustainable beauty has led her to create Nourish Clean Beauty, a platform that showcases safe, effective and sustainable beauty and wellness brands from around the globe and makes them accessible to everyone.

"I always thought I had oily skin, especially on the t-zone area, but after I started using more oil-based products, I started to see a huge change in the texture of my skin. Once I saw these changes, I started to eliminate all water-based products from my routine and the results have been unimaginable.

My new routine is to cleanse my face with Monastery Rose Cleansing Oil and follow up with LESSE Regeneration Face Mist. I then use an oil (it differs day to day) to do with my Gua Sha, mist again and apply an oil balm. Last but not least, I apply my sunscreen, the Ava Isa Sun-é-Serum drops, which is my current go to!" - Po Chen