Loyalty Program

Do you want free shipping, free products, discounts, and more? It's easy! 

Just create an account with us and you'll automatically become a member of our Clean Beauty Club. That's it!

Create account & get 100 points!

Ways to earn points Points earned
Create your account  100 points
Make a purchase 1 point for every $1 spent
Celebrate your birthday 50 points
Follow us on Instagram 50 points
Like us on Facebook 50 points

 Now that you've racked up some points, here are the ways you can use them.

Rewards Points needed
Free shipping voucher 150 points
$5 off coupon 250 points
$15 off coupon 500 points
$25 off coupon 750 points
25% off coupon 1,000 points

Bonus: REFER A FRIEND and give them $10 off their order, and we'll send you a $10 coupon for your next purchase


  • Sign up for an account in order to start earning points for your purchases. If you've made purchases in the past without an account, we can retroactively add those points to your new account.
  • One person is entitled to one rewards account. Different accounts cannot be consolidated.
  • Subscribing to our newsletter does not automatically register an account. You will need to create an account to begin earning Nourish Loyalty points. We can retroactively add in those points if you email us.
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