Zip - Buy Now, Pay Later

We wanted to make clean beauty more accessible by providing a "buy now, pay later" option. Now you can split your total order into four (4) payment instalments, interest-free.

How does it work?

1. Choose ZIP at checkout. Quick and easy. No hidden fees.
2. Use your debit or credit card. No long forms and instant approval.
3. You’re all done! Your linked debit or credit card will be charged in 4 equal instalments over 6 weeks

Other frequently asked questions

  • Will I get my order right away?

    Yes! Your order will be shipped out to you as soon as the first pay instalment is made (at time of initial checkout). The remaining three instalments will be billed automatically, ever two weeks.
  • Are there any late fees?

    At this time, late fees for Canadian customers purchasing products on our website using Zip are not applicable. This can change at any time. Please consult your Zip account and Zip's customer support for more accurate information. 
  • Where can I view my payments?

    Customers can login to the Zip customer portal to review their order, update their payment details and make additional payments here: 
  • Can I pay off my instalments early?

    Yes, just login to the App or your Customer Portal and choose which order you'd like to pay early: 
  • What information does Zip ask for?

    Zip requires your name, address, date of birth, a mobile number, and either a debit or credit card for sign up. Instead of having a traditional username and password, Zip requires a mobile phone number and text message verification.
  • Will I be notified before I am charged for an installment?

    Zip notifies customers with payment reminders via SMS and email before each payment is due.
  • How will refunds work?

    As soon as we approve and process a refund, Zip will immediately process a refund.

    If the refund is in full, the customer will have any funds paid to-date refunded immediately to their card and all future installments will be cancelled.

    If the refund is partial, the refund amount will be applied to the total purchase amount, starting with the last installment.

    For example, if a purchase was for $100 (4 x $25 installments) and a partial refund of $25 was issued by the merchant, Zip would cancel the 4th installment. If a refund of $50 was applied, Zip would cancel the 4th and 3rd installments.